The Sanctuary will also offer several options for adopting animals. We will make every effort to ensure that the experience will be positive for you, your household members and the animal.


If you choose to adopt from us, you will be asked to sign a Guardianship Pledge confirming your intent to provide suitable housing and care for the animal for its lifetime.


The Sanctuary reserves the legal right to make follow-up phone calls and home visits to ensure the well-being of adopted animals.





Please use the following links to download our cat or dog adoption application forms (Adobe Acrobat PDFs):


Cat Adoption Form            Dog Adoption Form




Other adoption services available include the following programs:



A.C.T. (Aid a Critter Today / Aid a Cat Today / Aid a Canine Today) allows you to help homeless dogs and cats desperately in need of care. By joining the A.C.T. program you will sponsor a particular animal. You can even specify the type of animal you prefer (orange tabby, black labrador, etc.) It's a great way to "adopt" for animal lovers who cannot keep pets at home. When the sponsored animal finds a permanent home, you may terminate the arrangement or continue to help by sponsoring another animal.  
    Two Ways to Participate:  
    1)  Ongoing Sponsorship - Your monthly $10 donation will provide housing, food, neutering, vaccinations and routine medical care for your sponsored animal. You will receive a photo and description of the animal and monthly updates about the animal's progress.  
    2)  Special One-Time Sponsorship - Your donation will help an animal in need of surgery or other extraordinary medical care. Donations of $100 and up are suggested. You will receive a photo and description of the animal and notice of the outcome of the animal's medical procedure.  
    Please act now! Complete the donation form (PDF download) and mail it to The Sanctuary of Haafsville with your check. Write 'A.C.T. Program' in the memo section. All donations are tax deductible.  


Barn Cats Program - The term "barn cats" refers to any cats that do not adapt to indoor homes. Sometimes the cats are feral, which means they were born and raised in the wild with little or no human contact. Others are strays, cats that were once domestic but reverted to unsocialized behavior after long periods of surviving on their own. Still others are indoor/outdoor cats. Indoor/outdoor cats may be friendly but cannot be litter-trained because of medical conditions or other problems.  Use the Contact form for more information about barn cat adoptions.