Though people will of course care for the animals, the animals will give back to visitors to the sanctuary. Through the animals gentle presence, individuals and groups can gain peace and a sense of purpose.


Students and others required to do community service will be encouraged to do so at the sanctuary—a place of peace and mutual benefit.


School projects will be encouraged. Students may use the sanctuary setting to learn about marketing, public relations, journalism, fund-raising, and how to run a business.




Youths and seniors, individually or in groups, will be encouraged to come and spend time helping to care for our animals and socializing with them. The animals will benefit from their attention and the people will gain the joy and comfort of interaction with animals.


The sanctuary will provide scouting groups opportunities to help them qualify for badges or provide community service.

Other youth groups, such as Boys & Girls Clubs, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and church groups will have a place to assemble, to enjoy time with each other and with the animals.




With dedicated volunteers and patrons, The Sanctuary can become a reality.  Please let us know if you would consider volunteering at The Sanctuary.


Please use the following link to download our Volunteer Form (Adobe Acrobat PDF) or use the online form below:

  For more information on fostering an animal, please take a look at our Fostering Brochure.