Available FIV+ Cats for Adoption

FIV+ cats need and deserve love too. Did you know many healthy FIV cats are often euthanized because of misinformation?

  • FIV is an autoimmune deficiency virus specific only to cats
  • FIV+ cats are lovable and adoptable
  • FIV+ cats can live long, healthy and happy lives just like any other cat
  • FIV+ cats typically do not have higher rates of illness
  • FIV is spread through deep bite/puncture woulds during mating - if the cat is fixed, this isn’t an issue
  • FIV is NOT spread by cats sharing food/water bowls or litter boxes
  • FIV is NOT spread to other cats through mutual grooming
  • FIV+ cats can live with other FIV+ cats, friendly FIV- cats and dogs
  • In a healthy environment and good vet care, FIV+ cats are able to live a normal lifespan

Have a heart - save a life - adopt an FIV+ cat !!!

Big Boy Bob

Years ago, there was a restaurant chain named Bob’s Big Boy. The mascot, Bob, was very welcoming with his pompadour, red & white checked overalls and childish grin. You could rely on generous helpings of good, comforting food. Bob Big Boy is also welcoming with his white bib, big whiskers and sparkling eyes. He provides generous helpings of head boops, hugs and smooches. Bob Big Boy is sweet, gentle, mellow and affectionate. He is fine with the other cats. Bob Big Boy will satisfy your cravings for a comforting companion.

Bob is 4 years old, healthy, neutered, vaccinated, negative for FeLV, litter trained and microchipped. Bob is positive for FIV. 


Chunky was an outdoor cat who showed up at a feeding station and wanted to be friends with the other cats - sadly they didn't want to be friends back.

Chunky wasn’t sure of his new shelter placement at first. Lately, he been gaining confidence and coming out of his shell. Chunky obviously loves food and treats. He also enjoys attention, especially butt scratches.
Chunky flops around when you pet him. He is likely to give himself a concussion from his gymnastic moves. The cat manager describes him as a lovable bowling ball with legs. He isn’t a lap cat yet but he has potential to be one eventually. Who could resist Chunky ?? Apply for this love bug today.

Chunky is 5 years old, healthy, neutered, vaccinated, negative for FeLV, litter trained and microchipped. Chunky is positive for FIV. 


Carlton is an incredibly friendly cat who craves attention. He will happily sit in your lap for as long as you let him. We suggest having your drinks and snacks handy - once you sit down, you’re not getting up for quite a while. Carlton is good with other friendly cats. He is handsome, gentle, alert, curious and affectionate. Carlton is a gem who will fill your home with happiness and love.

Carlton is 9 years old, healthy, neutered, vaccinated, negative for FeLV, litter trained and microchipped. Carlton is positive for FIV. 

Little L'il

Little L’il was a young mom - she is now ready for a carefree and pampered life. She is a very sweet and affectionate girl. Little L’il is very possessive of her blanket. This girl has been trained to enjoy the outdoors on a harness. Her former foster mom describes her as a “dreamboat kitty”

Little L’il is 7 months old, healthy, spayed, negative for FeLV, litter trained and microchipped. Little L’il is positive for FIV. 


Claude Monet is a renowned French artist known for depicting nature and his use of color. Monet focused on the use of shadow and light. Monet, the cat, has been named perfectly. Her coloring is worthy of masterpiece status. Monet’s beauty is only surpassed by her gentle, curious and loving nature. It is our impression that Monet would be a perfect addition to your home.

Monet is 5 years old, healthy, spayed, vaccinated, negative for FeLV, litter trained and microchipped. Monet is positive for FIV. 


See Spot
See Spot sit
See Spot sit and sit and sit.....
Spot may not be the most outgoing girl, at least until she gets to know you.
She is a kind gentle girl. She has the cutest S shaped marking on her face.
Spot is soft
Spot is kind
Spot is FIV+
And this is why Spot sits.
We would love to be able to say "Spot go home"
X marks the Spot in your heart, adopt her today
Spot is 1 to 2 years old, healthy, spayed, vaccinated, negative for FeLV, little trained and microchipped. Spot is positive for FIV. 


Wallace is a new arrival to the Sanctuary at Haafsville. He was transferred from another overcrowded shelter. Wallace suffered a neck wound from which he is now recovered. Wallace is the sweetest and most gentle boy. He approaches everyone hoping for some attention - you can’t resist. Wallace is happy when you tell him that he is handsome and a good boy. He purrs and gives you the soft eyes of approval. Wallace wants to get as close to you as possible. There is no doubt that Wallace will be your best buddy and couch companion. Email your application today to get this adoption started.

**Wallace is not good with dogs

Wallace is about 4 years old, healthy, neutered, vaccinated, negative for FeLV, litter trained and microchipped. Wallace is positive for FIV.


Wyatt is a large, handsome and lovable boy. He is always ready for pets and attention. He will show his appreciate with purrs and flashing his gorgeous eyes at you. He will also flop over for as much attention as you’re willing to shower upon him. He appreciates a kiss on his forehead. Wyatt is fine with the other cats in his free roaming room. Wyatt will be a wonderful added to any home.

Wyatt is 4 years old, healthy, neutered, vaccinated, negative for FeLV, litter trained and microchipped. Wyatt is positive for FIV. 

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