Dogs Available for Adoption

The list below are our dogs that are on site and available to meet every Saturday from 10-2pm. Please also view our Available Dogs in Foster. If you find a specific dog you are interested in and would like to apply, please email your dog adoption application to If you have any questions regarding a particular dog, please email the Dog Adoption Team. 


Male - Frenchie - 3 years old

Marcel weighs around 28lbs. Marcel was surrendered to us recently because he did not get along with the new dog in the home due to the other dog's aggression. We are still evaluating him to see if he would do well with another dog in the home or not. Marcel is working on his leash manners here at the shelter. We are looking for a home with a firm and experienced adopter. He will also need to be kept on a strict diet due to his food allergies. 


Male - Maltipoo - 2 years old

Clemson arrived to us in horrible condition and a matted mess. He recently got a much needed shave and he is slowly but surely coming out of his shell. He was very nervous at first and now he is playing with toys and approaching our volunteers for pets. We are looking for an adopter who will go slow with him until he is comfortable. Clemson would prefer to be the only pet in the home. 

William and Mary

William - Male - Terrier mix - 1 year old

Mary - Female - Poodle mix - 1 year old

William (left) is the sweetest boy and loves attention. He gives the best hugs and kisses too. He weighs only 14lbs. He arrived to us with his buddy Mary. Mary (right) is the sweetest girl and she is slowly coming out of her shell. With time and patience, she is going to be a wonderful dog. She weighs only 20lbs. She is getting a nice grooming on Friday! We are still evaluating to see if William and Mary are a bonded pair. They love each other's company. 

Auburn and Howard

Auburn - Female - Chihuahua - 3 years old

Howard - Male - Terrier mix - 3 years old

Auburn (brown) and Howard (white and black) arrived to us from another shelter. Auburn is super sweet and cuddly and loves to be in your lap. Howard is very playful and friendly. We are still evaluating to see if Auburn and Howard are a bonded pair. They love each other's company.

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Male - Chihuahua - 3 years old

Hi I’m Duke! I’m just as sweet as I look. I was found as a stray wandering the streets all by myself…can you believe it? I am so ready to have a forever family to call my own. I’m very sweet, cuddly, and playful! I think I would be a great addition to any family! The volunteers all seem to love me already.


Female - Hound mix - 1.5 years old

She’s a copper colored beauty… get ready to meet the pretty Penny! She was sadly found as a local stray and never claimed. We couldn’t resist those eyes! Penny is very sweet, puppy-like, and playful! She is working on building trust after being abandoned on the streets. Penny is a smart dog who will do almost anything for a treat. So far, she knows “sit” and “paw”. She’s very food motivated because she came to us in poor condition - she was so skinny! She is working on her leash manners and how to trust humans again after likely being dumped. She’s blossoming into a very sweet dog, but she is very puppy-like. Penny needs a home with an experienced adopter to train her and teach her manners and older children are preferred. 


Female - Lab mix - 1 year old

Hazel was surrendered to us recently. We are looking for a family with large breed or shepherd experience to work on building her confidence through positive reinforcement. We are looking for a family to foster with intent to adopt her. Hazel is a nervous dog that would greatly benefit from another dog in the home. She has shown fearful behaviors where she barks and lunges. However, once she knows and trusts you, she is friendly, loving, and puppy-like. Hazel walks nicely on a leash and likes to play in the yard with toys. She turns into a lap dog once she trusts you! She was originally found as a stray in Philly back in November. 

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Male - Border Collie - 1-2 years old

Get ready to relish in the opportunity to meet the adorable Pickle! Being found as a stray with a terrible URI, we were lucky to find a foster to care for him and get him prepared to find his forever home! Pickle is very affectionate! He loves to be by your side at all times, tries to give hugs, and loves long walks. He greets everyone with a goofy smile and a hug! He’s an energetic boy, and he will keep up with you on runs! He’s been great around household appliances like vacuums and mops, such a brave boy Pickle did amazing getting a bath and brushed. He loves to get dried off with a towel after he comes in from playing in the snow. Pickle loves to chew on squeaky toys - who doesn’t? Being a smart breed, he needs mental exercise as well as physical exercise! He’s been working on sit, paw, down, spin, and stay.

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Female - Pit mix - 6 years old

Rosa is a recent arrival from a high kill shelter in Philly. She was just hours away from being euthanized. Luckily we were able to scoop her up! She is super friendly and lovable. She weighs around 46 lbs. She loves to play with squeaky balls and hang out in the yard with our volunteers. Despite her age, she still acts like a puppy by jumping around and tossing toys in the air. She is super silly and fun! Come see it for yourself! Rosa can be strong on a leash and doesn't like to walk by noisy cars/trucks. She enjoys going on long walks and playing in the yard with her favorite volunteers. 

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Male - Husky mix - 2 years old

Meet Ryder! This handsome husky is looking for a forever home! He is in need of an active owner who will be willing to properly exercise him. Unfortunately, he is not getting enough exercise at the shelter and he is going a little bonkers. He is a strong boy, but he walks nicely on a leash during long walks. He enjoys play dates with Royce and Riley, and he is one of our most dog-friendly pups! Ryder is very smart and loves treats! He knows sit, paw, and down - he may talk back though (as most huskies do). 

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Female - Pit mix - 4 years old

Zinnia was abandoned at a local park. Her former family tossed the ball, and as she was chasing it, they drove off without her. She hasn’t given up hope on people, despite being dumped. Zinnia is looking for her forever family! She loves pets and attention! She is one of our best walkers, and she loves to be outside. She has quickly become a volunteer favorite! She loves other things a little too much at times like toys and bones. We are looking for a patient family to work on her “love of things”, otherwise known as resource guarding. We believe it can be worked on as it seemed to develop in the shelter’s stressful environment.


Female - Pit mix - 4.5 years old

Lula has been with us almost 4 years now and it's time for her to be in a home! She weighs around 55 lbs. She is shy but sweet and needs lots of time to warm up to new people. Her ideal family is active and dog-savvy. We’d love to find a family to foster her while we work on her training. She is super smart and quick to learn.


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