Dogs Available for Adoption

The list below are our dogs that are on site and available to meet every Saturday from 10-2pm. Please also view our Available Dogs in Foster and Available Puppies. If you find a specific dog you are interested in and would like to apply, please email your dog adoption application to If you have any questions regarding a particular dog, please email the Dog Adoption Team. 

Mia Rose

Female - Terrier mix - 8 months old

Mia Rose is a new arrival! This girl is the perfect mix of spunky, playful, and cuddly. She was originally found as a stray in Philly where sadly, no one claimed her. She loves to play and chew on toys. Mia Rose also walks nicely on a leash!


Female - Miniature Pinscher - 3 years old

Nebula weighs 16 pounds. She came to us with pretty bad flea dermatitis. She was very scabby and bloody, to the point we couldn't even touch her. She was very uncomfortable! Despite having some baldness now, she is on the mend and looking for her forever home. This girl is super sweet, gentle, and cuddly and would make a great addition to any home! She has not been cat or dog tested yet. We are looking for a foster with intent home until her skin clears up!


Female - Poodle mix - 1-2 years old

Venus weighs only 7 pounds. This sweet girl came to us in horrible condition with some pretty awful mats all over. She received a much needed grooming and she is looking and feeling so much better. Venus is super sweet and loving and would love to curl up on your lap. She has not been cat or dog tested yet. 


Male - Frenchie - 3 years old

Marcel was recently surrendered to us. We know everyone loves a cute Frenchie, however due to his history, we will be very stringent with our guidelines in finding his forever family to keep both him and his new family safe. We will be requiring that Marcel’s adopter is experienced and familiar with bully breeds. Marcel must go to a home with no children, no first time dog owners, and no other animals. Marcel sure is handsome but he is headstrong and stubborn. We love this boy but he can definitely be rowdy.


Female - Retriever/Shepherd mix - 5.5 years old

Zuzu was surrendered to us recently. She is a quiet and shy girl who walks very nicely on the leash. She is learning the ropes of shelter life after living in a home for 5 years. She is understandably stressed out at the shelter. We would love to find this girl her forever home! 


Male - Anatolian Shepherd mix - 1 year old

Judd was scheduled for euthanasia at a high kill shelter due to the wound on his rear foot. After seeing our vet, his foot is now on the mend, and he is a very happy boy! Judd is very friendly and puppy-like. We are working on basic puppy manners for this 95 lbs boy! He loves to play with toys, especially ropes and chews. He tells us his favorite toy is tree branches, but we limit those. He is a big dude! Due to his size, he is strong on a leash, so bring your muscles!


Male - Shepherd mix - 7 months old

Drexel was surrendered to us through no fault of his own. Drexel will need to be in a home with another playful dog. He has done great with all of the playdates he has had at the shelter! He is working on confidence building, and he can be shy with strangers at first. Drexel will need a patient home that will understand his initial fears and help him blossom into an amazing, goofy puppy! He is a scaredy cat, and he is slowly getting over his fears. He needs another dog in the home to help his confidence grow. Please email if you are interested to discuss Drexel further.

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Female - Lab mix - 1 year old

Hazel was surrendered to us recently. We are looking for a family with large breed or shepherd experience to work on building her confidence through positive reinforcement. We are looking for a family to foster with intent to adopt her. Hazel is a nervous dog that would greatly benefit from another dog in the home. She has shown fearful behaviors where she barks and lunges. However, once she knows and trusts you, she is friendly, loving, and puppy-like. Hazel walks nicely on a leash and likes to play in the yard with toys. She turns into a lap dog once she trusts you! She was originally found as a stray in Philly back in November. 


Female - Pit mix - 4.5 years old

Lula has been with us almost 4 years now and it's time for her to be in a home! She weighs around 55 lbs. She is shy but sweet and needs lots of time to warm up to new people. Her ideal family is active and dog-savvy. We’d love to find a family to foster her while we work on her training. She is super smart and quick to learn.


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