Dogs Available for Adoption in Foster

Please note, these dogs are NOT at our facility, but they are still looking for their forever homes! If you find a specific dog you are interested in and would like to meet, please email your dog adoption application to If you have any questions regarding a particular dog, please email the Dog Adoption Team. 



Female - Pit mix - 1 year old

Meet our newbie Loyola. Loyola is a 28 lb pittie mix. She loves to cuddle and be with people and loves toys. Her foster says that she is a pretty amazing pup. She has loved everyone she has met. She seems okay with cats too! If there are other dogs in the home a meet and greet will need to be arranged. She has had a few great playdates with dogs too. She was reported to live with children in her previous home. 


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Male - English Bulldog mix - 7 years old

Let’s talk about a heartbreaking story - meet Vic. He was brought to a local vet to be euthanized… not for quality of life or pain, not for medical costs, and not for behavior. What was the reason? He simply wasn’t wanted anymore... His former owner scheduled to euthanize him three times at the same vet, and luckily, the vet sprung into action and knew this wasn’t right. We couldn’t resist those puppy eyes, so we knew we had to help him find a forever home. Sadly, this is something seen far too often. Some people see pets as being disposable. We know they’re more than that, they’re family! Vic is incredibly friendly and gentle. Fortunately, we had two fosters step up and willing to help a sweet soul like him! He loves attention, pets, and cuddles. He’s met a few kids and did great!
In foster, he’s potty trained and an excellent house guest. Vic likes to spend time outside, chilling and basking in the sun. He’s also great on a leash. Vic has been recovering from his neuter nicely, and now he’s ready to find his forever home. His foster says he’s a perfect dog!



Male - Terrier mix - 1 year old

Reece was surrendered to us through no fault of his own when his family could no longer care for him. Reece’s world has been turned upside down and he’s slowly coming out of his shell and turning into a wonderful dog. He is great with the fosters little dogs and cats. He is pretty active and would love an active family or a fenced in yard for him to run around


Tina Fey

Female - Pomeranian - 7-8 years old

Tina Fey acts like she’s 4 years old, but she has the teeth of a 30 year old dog… aka no teeth! She will need soft food and a no hard kibble diet. Just like the award winning actress, we think she is very talented. She knows exactly how to make a silly face and ask for love. Afterall, her tongue hangs out permanently which we think is so cute! She may look a little silly, but she is seriously very friendly! Tina Fey still needs some medical attention for her skin condition and spay. In the meantime, she is getting plenty of cuddles and love. She is a bundle of energy! She will be available soon, so stay tuned!


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Male - Great Pyrenees mix - 1.5 years old

Say Cheese and meet Cashel! He arrived to us from a high kill shelter. He is very friendly, loving, and puppy-like. He thinks he is a 70 pound lap dog. He has had multiple play dates at the shelter with different dogs and he is super playful and fun. Cashel is a great romp around buddy and occasionally takes dips in our pool! Cashel has been getting a break from the shelter in a foster home. His foster mama says that he is happy go lucky, he is friendly with everyone he has met, he loves being outside, and he follows her around everywhere he goes. He also loves to be outside and lounge in the backyard! We are looking for a home with a securely fenced in yard for him.


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Female - Presa Canario - 1.5 years old

Vixen can’t seem to catch a break. We are urgently looking for a medical foster with intent to adopt home for this girl. To start her sad story, Vixen was dumped on a busy road in Philly. She was tied to a pole where she needed immediate medical attention due to a uterine prolapse. It was heart breaking for her – being stuck, abandoned, and in pain. Who knows how long she was left there? Fortunately, she was rescued and received the veterinary care that she so desperately needed. Vixen recovered quickly with us in a sweet cottage where she was able to stay calm and get lots of loving. Just when we think she is fully recovered, healthy, and happy – we noticed her favoring one of her legs. Her diagnosis showed that she has a partial tear in her ACL and will need a brace to help her heal. In case you haven’t met Vixen yet, she is a spunky girl who is a tad clumsy. She loves to go on her walks and play with volunteers. Vixen will need lots of rest and extra attention to make up for the lack of distance she can walk. She loves toys and still acts like a puppy. Once she has her brace on, it is important to have her on floors that have traction. We are hoping to find a home with carpet floors and no other pets to prevent her from getting amped up. Due to her pulling on a leash, the vet recommended keeping her in a fenced area to prevent her from pulling. She is a goofy, gentle giant – weighing just shy of 100 lbs! Believe it or not, she thinks she is a lap dog! Who could say no to those cuddles? Vixen is super sweet, playful, and fun! Vixen is potty trained in foster and a wonderful house guest. As long as you don’t mind slobber and snoring, she is an absolute dream!



Male - Pit mix - 7 years old

Meet our tripod Cornelius! He came to us as an emaciated scrawny boy and now he is a beefy giant walrus who has the strength of an ox. He loves playing in our yards and hanging with his favorite people. Don’t let his pouty face fool you…this cute boy loves to snuggle and get attention from all of the volunteers. All he wants is a person and a bed to cuddle and watch movies with. Cornelius would prefer to be the only pet in the home where he can hog all of the attention. You are guaranteed to have the best snuggles of your life with him!



Male - Plott Hound mix - 1 year old

Elmer has been through it all - he was found with a broken leg after being hit by a car, and sadly, someone chopped off his ears… so cruel. No one claimed this terrified boy after his terrible accident. We knew we had to scoop him up and get him to a foster home to heal. He was heart broken (and physically broken) and desperately wanted loveDespite having a painful past, he’s a happy and bubbly pup ready for his forever home! Fast forward to today, Elmer is an absolute love bug! His favorite things include sitting on your lap, chasing leaves, playing with his favorite toy dragon or chewing on a bone, catching some zzz’s, and laying in the sunshine. He definitely prefers to be around people and is always curious to know what everyone is up to! The foster calls him their little shadowThat said, he does well when home alone, he’s potty trained and knows not to be destructive - he’d rather sleep! He’s on the mend from a broken leg but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to play tug of war and throw his toys around! He’s still very much a goofy puppy.After these bursts of energy he just wants a lap to lay his head on. He’s a handsome boy with a beautiful brindle coat. Despite missing some ears, we think he’s the cutest! Anyone would be lucky to have a dog like Elmer! 



Male - Terrier mix - 3-4 years old

Meet Prince! A little guy with a huge personality who definitely lives up to his name! He would be right at home on an old English estate chasing rats out of the fancy horse stables…or whatever it is terriers do on old English estates. Since that isn’t an option, he expresses his terrier-ness by going for long walks, “alerting” every time he hears a squeak by perking his ears up and trying to find the source, and by absolutely destroying every rope toy he meets. He is also happy to curl up on the couch and take it easy. It takes him a while to warm up to people and he doesn't like hands or feet coming directly at his face, which is reasonable and even relatable if you ask me. Failure to respect those rules will get you a very stern reminder, so Prince needs to be in a child free, dog savvy home. He is not an appropriate option for a first time dog owner. He reacts to the cat he lives with when he sees her, but is easily redirected and quickly forgets she exists. Prince is reactive (a.k.a barks a lot) when meeting new dogs, but he lives in (relative) harmony with five bossy chihuahuas. Prince is fully house trained. So, bottom line, Prince is a tiny little guy in a big, sometimes scary world and he needs a special person to help him navigate that world. If you are that person, Prince will repay you with a lifetime of loyalty, laughs, and love.

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