Dogs Available for Adoption in Foster

Please note, these dogs are NOT at our facility, but they are still looking for their forever homes! If you find a specific dog you are interested in and would like to meet, please email your dog adoption application to If you have any questions regarding a particular dog, please email the Dog Adoption Team. 



Female - Shepherd mix - 6 years old

Tesla was rescued from a high kill shelter in Philly and has been decompressing in a foster home. She is a short legged shepherd mix. She is super happy-go-lucky, loving, and easy-going. Her foster mama only has great things to say about her. 


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Female - Hound/Lab mix - 4 years old

Coral is doing wonderful in foster. She is doing wonderful in her foster home, she loves her foster mama and she's getting more and more comfortable in the home. We are looking for a less active home for her with no young children. She is housebroken and can be left free roaming in the home, although in the beginning she was known to counter surf and be a garbage picker at times, so you just want to make sure she doesn't have access to anything yummy left on a counter or any garbage, which is really easy to do and not a huge deal. You really can't blame her though because she was so skinny and in the her past life she had to search desperately for food. But now since she has gained much needed weight, her foster mama just makes sure there's nothing to possibly get into before she leaves and she hasn't had any issues since. She is pretty low energy and although she enjoys her walks and playing with the other dog in the home, she mainly prefers just being a couch potato dog and napping the day away. She weighs around 50 lbs. 


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Female - Lab/Coonhound mix - 2 years old

She's a lovely girl and a real sweetheart who is housebroken and walks well on leash too. Harper would benefit from a quiet home to relax and settle into. She loves belly rubs! She seemed nervous and unsure of the cat during the cat test, but showed no aggression. Slow introductions to a cat in a home would be needed. She wears a brace on her back leg, so she walks a bit better. 



Male - Terrier mix - 3-4 years old

Meet Prince! A little guy with a huge personality who definitely lives up to his name! He would be right at home on an old English estate chasing rats out of the fancy horse stables…or whatever it is terriers do on old English estates. Since that isn’t an option, he expresses his terrier-ness by going for long walks, “alerting” every time he hears a squeak by perking his ears up and trying to find the source, and by absolutely destroying every rope toy he meets. He is also happy to curl up on the couch and take it easy. It takes him a while to warm up to people and he doesn't like hands or feet coming directly at his face, which is reasonable and even relatable if you ask me. Failure to respect those rules will get you a very stern reminder, so Prince needs to be in a child free, dog savvy home. He is not an appropriate option for a first time dog owner. He reacts to the cat he lives with when he sees her, but is easily redirected and quickly forgets she exists. Prince is reactive (a.k.a barks a lot) when meeting new dogs, but he lives in (relative) harmony with five bossy chihuahuas. Prince is fully house trained. So, bottom line, Prince is a tiny little guy in a big, sometimes scary world and he needs a special person to help him navigate that world. If you are that person, Prince will repay you with a lifetime of loyalty, laughs, and love.

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